Wavy and Breezy

Marble Wavy Scarf

Here is the Wavy Scarf (free pattern on Knitty.com) that I am working on at present — one of several projects….  I bought several skeins of this Marble yarn and I really like it.  I didn’t look at the ball band when I bought it and was surprised to find that it is an acrylic.  I have been thinking I may go back and buy more of this.  I might like to use this to make the Tweedy vest from Interweave Knits to wear next fall.

This week the temps are supposed to become more springlike — along with the wind that always blows in the Midwest.  I am starting to think about planting more and more.  I need a couple more african violets, so I plan to get those this week.  I have been looking at seed packets when I see them in the stores — the itch to garden is becoming tough to quell. 

Soldier Daughter and the little buddy came down Saturday morning for the weekend.  We had a nice time.  We met at Panera and had a nice lunch.  Then we went over to SuperTarget and I bought the little buddy a couple of pairs of shorts and tee shirts for summer.  Soldier Daughter picked out a summer nightgown and I bought myself a new pair of summer sleep pants and a tee.  After the little buddy’s nap, it was rather dreary and chilly out, so we got coffee at Starbuck’s and went over to a McDonald’s PlayPlace — he had chocolate milk and played for about two hours.

I hosted the family dinner yesterday — it didn’t seem quite the same without the fashionista.  But I talked to her on the phone late yesterday afternoon, and she seems to be doing well.

Everyone was gone by 4 p.m. yesterday and I had a nice relaxing evening.  Cleaned up a bit, ate some leftover ham and fruit salad for my dinner.  I knitted on the Wildflower DK tank and watched a dvd — Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger.  It is a nice little movie.


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