A Plethora from Plog

Well, I was so surprised to find out that my Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Angel was my very own secret pal, Nicole Plog!  The box was waiting on my doorstep last night.  I took a photo of all the goodies, but I can’t get it to upload onto my office computer so I will have to add the photo to this post later tonight.

Wow — Nicole certainly knows how to pack a box!  She sent me two skeins of GGH Tara in a lovely shade of brown.  She also sent six skeins of GGH Safari linen in a lovely shade of light blue — it isn’t a baby blue, the shade is more muted.  I can’t wait to find the right pattern for it.  She sent a bag of Gepa Fair Trade Mexican organic coffee, and a caramel toffee topping for coffee, which I can’t wait to try.  She made me a lovely fabric heart with a strawberry print fabric.  But wait — that’s not all.  There was also in the box a tube of hand cream, a coffee flavored lip gloss, a New Guinea chocolate bar, some almond tea bags, and a bag of fruit flavored candies.

This was truly worth the wait.  Thanks so much for spoiling me, Nicole!


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2 responses to “A Plethora from Plog

  • Nicole

    It just seeemed so unfair that you didn’t get anything from your upstream pal after sending me a really great package. I had fun packing a box for you. I’m so glad you like it all and I’m especially happy that I found something you don’t (seem to) have in the US. The caramel toffee topping is really yummy and just a neat idea. Enjoy!

  • holly

    I am glad you got your package. Nichole and I were so sneaky.

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