Yes, Friday is FINALLY Here!

This has been a LONG week — but Friday is finally here.  Weather has been up and down — 60 one day and 30 the next.  Will it ever end?????

I went last night with a friend and saw PS I Love You for the second time.  I enjoyed it just as much as the first time I saw it.

I have been good this week and practiced my music nearly every night.

I went to the local Lebanese deli and stocked up — red lentil soup, hummus, baba ghanouj, pita, lentils, and falafel mix.

Last night I stopped at Thai House and picked up a feast — tofu paad thai.  It was glorious — I think I may stop in there again on Saturday and try their yellow rice curry with potato and pea.

Tomorrow morning I am taking my mother out for coffee.  We have not done that in awhile.

For Valentine’s Day the fashionista got me a red lunch bag from Borders that I have been eyeing for awhile, a Hiptionary — she just thought it was a funny book, and an amber body spray.

The fashionista has decided that she is tired of the city we live in, and I guess she is tired of her life, too.  She has met some people — from where I have no clue — and is leaving for the southwest and then to the sunny state of California.  She and her new best friend have decided to sell merchandise for bands.  I am not entirely happy with this turn of events — but I can’t make her go to school, and I can’t make her live at home.  I guess she needs to find herself again.

So, an empty nester again I will be.

I treated myself to two new Bialetti saute pans.  I have needed new cookware forever, and I have decided that I am going to pick up a piece or two here and there until I have replaced all my old cookware.  My saucepans are fine, but I really need new skillets and a new dutch oven — or a nice stock pot even. 


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I wear many hats -- mother and grandmother, paralegal, knitter, bass player in a praise and worship band, gardener, cook, avid reader, good friend, good listener -- just to name a few. View all posts by ksknitter

One response to “Yes, Friday is FINALLY Here!

  • Dishcloth Swap Pal

    Hi swap pal… your food ‘tastes’ are so much like mine.. we’d totally get along and you wouldn’t feel like such the empty nester… 🙂

    I wanted to let you know I expect to mail your package on Tuesday 🙂 So be prepared to be spoiled sooooo very soon!

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