Lazy Sunday

Well, not entirely lazy.  I took a couple of photos and am updating my blog.  And I have a pot of lentil – Swiss chard soup simmering on the stove.  But definitely a quiet Sunday here.

But first, knitting photos!  Yippee!

Brent McNulty Scarf

This is a not so great photo of the manly 2×2 rib scarf I just finished knitting for a friend.  In fact I handed it over on the way to see Casting Crowns and Leeland in concert — awesome concert, by the way.  And it was due to snow the next morning, so the scarf was warmly welcomed.  I used a yarn called Marble for this scarf.  The recipient of this little giftie requested “Browns” — so it is brown, but has some hints of color, like blue and copper also.  This yarn is pretty soft and knits up great — I didn’t even realize until I got it home and looked at the ball band carefully that it is an acrylic.

Whitby Sock In Progress

Here is the Whitby Sock from Knitting on the Road — as you can see, I am nearly finished with the gusset on the first sock.  I like this pattern and once you memorize the pattern stitch, it is fun to knit.  But — these will not be finished by Valentine’s Day — however, my mother loves handknit socks so much that she is willing to wait as long as it takes.

Branching Out February 2008

Yup, still working on the Branching Out Scarf.  I am getting close, though.  After I get those red socks knocked out, then I will finish this scarf.

And now, a silly photo.  Me in the bathroom Saturday morning wearing my favorite sweater.

Me in the Bathroom Wearing my Favorite Sweater February 2008

Got the epidural injection in my back a week ago, and I am good to go!  Pain is infrequent and I am back to my normal routine. 


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