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Almost Spring

I decided to change the look of my blog to Almost Spring.  Today the weather here is in the 50s and tomorrow it is supposed to be close to 70!  Woo Hoo!

My thoughts are starting to turn toward the anticipation of walks in the park on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, sitting out on the glider with a cup of coffee and my knitting, turning the soil in the garden areas, starting seedlings and planting.

The other day I went over to Target to look at their lamp selection and I found a comforter just the size I need and in my colors, and the clearance price was too good to pass up — $7.50.  That’s right, I said $7.50!  I only found one sham to match the comforter and it was priced at a whopping $2.48.  I figure I will hit a couple of the other local Targets and see if they have another sham — if not, I can live without it for that price.  I had not planned to buy a new comforter — I have a white duvet with a green border that I really like — but the colors are perfect and at that price, there was no reason not to buy it.  I have some sheets that will go with it, and I also purchased a knit throw in a khaki color for $4.98 to go with it.  I would normally knit something like that if I wanted it, but I couldn’t even purchase the yarn for that clearance price.

Tonight is the monthly Final Friday art crawl in our city.  Soldier Daughter is driving down — yay, I finally get to see her — and we are going over to an art reception where my mother has a couple of pieces displayed.  She has a drawing of Ryan that is just darling and it is in the exhibit.  Then we are going to dinner and then to a movie.  Soldier Daughter loves the Philippa Gregory books and is dying to see The Other Boleyn Girl.  It will be a pretty late night for me.  May need coffee at dinner!

When I was getting items for my dishcloth swap package, I bought myself a couple of skeins of the new Sugar and Cream Stripes — in a lovely green and white colorway.  I am nearly finished knitting some of that up in a Squidge cloth (free pattern on Ravelry).  Will post a pic of that over the weekend — need to put new batteries in the digital camera.


WOW and WOW!! Dishcloth Package Arrived

Last night when I got home, there was a box waiting for me.  Turns out Michelle Malach is my secret pal for this swap.  It took three photos to capture all the goodies she sent:




The contents of the box are just wonderful, wonderful!  She sent me three lovely dishcloths and a scrubber that she designed herself.  She also sent me 4 skeins of cotton for cloths — a skein of dark green Crystal Palace cotton chenille (which I have wanted to try), a light green skein of Bernat Organic cotton, a skein of tan/cream Knit One Crochet Too cotton, and a peach/tan skein of Sugar and Cream Twists.  I will have such fun knitting all this up!

And that is not all — she also sent chocolate sunflower seeds, an Earl Grey infused chocolate bar, a floral magnetic note pad, a red/white floral pattern porcelain cup which contained a spoon, a heart shaped tea strainer and a container of Ginger Peach Republic of Tea. 

Not done yet — there is also a box of Oneills shortbread, mitten shaped playing cards, a Balene knitting gauge, stitch markers that read Knit and Purl made by Michelle, Knitting Girl mints, heart print tissues, a bar of green tea soap, and a bar of Polynesian Plumeria Blosson soap.  And she sent me a copy of the Friday Night Knitting Club, which I can’t wait to read.

What a wonderful box!  Thank you so much, Michelle! And thanks to Holly and Anne for hosting this swap. 

Final DishCloth Swap Topic

For this week, go through those who’ve commented on last week’s topic – find someone who had an idea on their day that sounded appealing to you, as well, and tell us why, or what appealed to you, and link to their blog! If you can’t find someone who has a day you think you’d enjoy, find one that you thought was interesting, odd, or funny in some way, and talk about it!

For some reason I can’t get the d*** italics off in this post!  Arrgh —

I chose Grace Y.  This is what she wrote:

Since I have been ill for too long, I would love a day like that, There is a spot in AVON BY THE SEA here on the Coast of NJ, the boardwalk kind juts out just a bit further over the sand. I would sit right there by a table, with an umbrella or huge hat, my knitting and a picnic lunch of fresh bread, cheese, grapes and strawberries, and some Darjeeling Tea Iced and only very slightly sweetened (a special treat since I usually drink it plain) and a jelly donut for a true indulgence. I would have my Ipod Shuffle, leave the cell phone in the car, and knit away the day!!  

 The only thing she wrote that I would not do is meet her husband Tom at a seafood restaurant!

and the weekend went POOF!

Monday already?  I could have used another day — Fairly busy weekend. 

Soldier Daughter, due to a series of events, is  back at Ft. Riley from Iraq.  I am not unhappy about that.  I haven’t seen her yet — she flew in through KC and had to report to the base right away.  But just knowing she is only 2 hours away gives me comfort.  And she plans to come down over the weekend, so it will be nice to spend some quality time with her.

Saturday I went and played bass for a friend who was leading worship at a one day women’s retreat.  I stayed until just after lunch — it was good to catch up with her and play music together again.

I picked up a few groceries and did some browsing at Pier 1.  I want to buy new lamps and I checked out their lamp selection.  I have narrowed it down to 2 choices and will go later in the week and make my final decision.

I made falafel salad for Sunday lunch and then made a ratatouille last night to eat over whole grain pasta.  I like to take that to work for an easy lunch.

I finished packing up the fashionista’s stuff that she didn’t take with her and stored it in the basement.  She always had the larger bedroom, so I decided I would move into it.  I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon cleaning, sorting, laundering, and moving furniture around.  I think I am pretty satisfied with it.

Last night I vegged on the couch and watched The Land of Women on dvd and knitted on a Squidge cloth (free pattern on Ravelry).  Read some more of my book, The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

WWCS Photo as promised

Here is a photo of the wonderful box that Nicole sent me:

WWCS Swap package from Nicole Plog

Thanks again, Nicole!  You made my week!

It is COLD here again today.  Yesterday it was 50+ and today it was around 26.  We are supposed to get sleet and snow after midnight and again tomorrow.  I am TIRED of this up and down stuff.

Very boring day at the office.  I am creating a database of gasoline spill documents.  It is definitely not very scintillating.

I stopped at my favorite Thai carry out on the way home this evening and picked up an order of yellow curry rice with tofu, potato and pea.  Yum-o!  I was tempted to eat the entire order, but I put half in a container for another meal.  Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for a hummus lunch.

Well, off to practice and then read after doing a few household tasks!

A Plethora from Plog

Well, I was so surprised to find out that my Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Angel was my very own secret pal, Nicole Plog!  The box was waiting on my doorstep last night.  I took a photo of all the goodies, but I can’t get it to upload onto my office computer so I will have to add the photo to this post later tonight.

Wow — Nicole certainly knows how to pack a box!  She sent me two skeins of GGH Tara in a lovely shade of brown.  She also sent six skeins of GGH Safari linen in a lovely shade of light blue — it isn’t a baby blue, the shade is more muted.  I can’t wait to find the right pattern for it.  She sent a bag of Gepa Fair Trade Mexican organic coffee, and a caramel toffee topping for coffee, which I can’t wait to try.  She made me a lovely fabric heart with a strawberry print fabric.  But wait — that’s not all.  There was also in the box a tube of hand cream, a coffee flavored lip gloss, a New Guinea chocolate bar, some almond tea bags, and a bag of fruit flavored candies.

This was truly worth the wait.  Thanks so much for spoiling me, Nicole!

DishCloth Swap Question Week 5

I am behind in the weekly questions.  I am not even going to try to catch up — I will just start fresh with the question for week 5.

If money were no object, and the day was just perfect – not to hot, not too cold, sun shining, slight breeze – how would you spend a perfect day out that had been given to you in the middle of a cold and blustery winter?

Well, this may make me sound like a boring person — but on a day like that, I would take a nice long walk in the park listening to music on my Juke.  Then I would make arrangements to meet one of my friends at a little cafe with outside tables for coffee and gelato.