It’s Tuesday


These three books are the books I am currently reading.  I am nearly finished with Deep Economy and then it is on to The Uncommon Reader, which looks to be a quick read.

Yesterday we had a mini ice storm — travel home was rather treacherous.  Took me over an hour to get home.  And I was supposed to meet a couple of friends for coffee — but we postponed to Friday, so that was a very good thing for me.

The fashionista made a pan of lasagna Sunday evening and baked it yesterday, so I had a nice large piece for dinner. She added one of the bags of frozen roasted grape tomatoes that I fixed at the end of summer and they were a great addition to the sauce. I was going to make a Shepherd’s Pie this evening, but I think I will wait until the weekend.  Instead, I saw an appealing photo over at the Enchanting Juno blog — a spinach feta tomato pie.  I have all the ingredients — may need to get some more feta, but I think I will make that instead.  It just looked very tasty.  Instead of fresh tomatoes, I will use another freezer bag of the roasted grape tomatoes — it should work.

My mother has requested red socks for Valentine’s Day, so I browsed the stash and came up with two skeins of Baby Ull that I have had forever.  Next, to choose a pattern.  I finally decided on Whitby from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush.  I am about 3.5″ into the first sock.

All of a sudden I have knitting deadlines!  Red socks for Valentine’s Day.  A baby cardigan that should have been finished before now — which is still sitting on the dining table.  A cupcake scarf due in late February for a 10 yo’s birthday.  The 2×2 rib scarf needs to be finished pretty quickly so the recipient can wear it while the weather is still frosty.  Dishcloths for a swap — but those go pretty quickly — not worried about those.

Sunday afternoon the fashionista and I went to Borders for coffee and to browse.  We spend a couple of Sunday afternoons each month there reading and browsing.  I was looking at a few craft magazines and wishing I had a lot more time to work on things.  There are so many things I would like to make — hand stitched music stationery, kitschy little knitted things, fiber-y art-y projects, jewelry, collaged journals — the list could go on and on.  I could probably find more time if I was willing to give up some other things — the knitting I have now keeps me busy enough.  I have made a couple of collaged journals — one for a knitting swap and I was very pleased with the way it turned out — and another for a birthday gift for a good friend of mine. It is a matter of priorities, I guess.

I made the decision to focus on my music in 2008, so the crafty pursuits will be when I have extra time this year.


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