Happy New Year!

I got woefully behind in my posts and in uploading photos, so this post will make up for it, I hope.

I finished the Cupcake Scarf for Fashionista Daughter.  It is my own design — one of my first.  Well, she saw one in a photo and I recreated it….

Cupcake scarf

I am very pleased with how it turned out, and so is she.  I used red craft pompoms for the cherries and then sewed 4 bugle beads on the icing for the sprinkles; I used red, pink, orange and green bugles.  She has worn it several times this week and gotten many compliments.

Next is the garter stitch shrug I knit for her.

garter stitch shrug

It was very easy — straight knitting.  Then you just pull in 5″ from the end and seam it for the sleeves.  She has worn it several times also.

flowers from Dayna

Soldier Daughter sent me these lovely flowers mid-December as a thank you for all the support i have been providing to her and some of the soldiers in her unit.  What a sweet gesture.  She knows my favorite flowers are tulips.

And the final picture is my office Christmas decorations — simple, but cheery.  One of my co-workers gave me the sheep.  I love him!

office decorations

2007 was a year of ups and downs for me.  I had baby Ryan for the first 4 months of 2007.  Fashionista Daughter moved away to find herself and then came home 5 months later.  Soldier Daughter deployed to Iraq.  One of my good friends left our church and is attending another.  Lots of changes.

And I am interested now to see what 2008 will bring.  Soldier Daughter is in a relatively quiet area of Iraq and I am grateful for that — and I hope it stays that way.   The Fashionista is getting her act together and preparing for college in the fall — a fashion program, don’t ya know.

We had a quiet Christmas.  I played at the early service at church.  Then we went to the family gathering.  Christmas morning we opened our gifts from each other and talked with Soldier Daughter on Yahoo Messenger.  Then the two of us went out for Chinese and went to see a movie — PS I Love You.  Good movie — I laughed and cried all the way through it.  Wednesday we shopped and ate lunch.  Thursday I took my mother out to lunch and to an art exhibit that she wanted to see.  Friday I stayed in my pajamas all day and just puttered around the house.  Saturday I had a hair appointment and ran some errands.  Sunday was church and relaxing.  Yesterday I went to the bank and paid bills.  We did our grocery shopping.  Then we met some friends for an early movie — National Treasure 2 — loved it as much as I enjoyed the first.  Then the Fashionista went out with friends and I drank tea and knitted and read the rest of the evening.  All in all, a great ending to 2007.

And now, since it is a new year, I think I will do some cleaning and purging around here —


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