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WW Coffee Swap and other stuff

I went to the post office and mailed my package to my secret pal.  Hope she likes everything I sent.

It is a long week here at the office already — I am getting anxious to go see the little guy after Christmas.  I have been told that he started talking about 10 days ago.  I hope that Fashionista Daughter and I can keep up with him.

The fashionista needed a new cell phone and a new plan, and so she talked me into getting a family plan.   There was a BOGO on the phone she wanted.  So I now own a red Samsung Juke and have not the foggiest idea of how to use the darn thing.  I have never been a cell phone person.  The smaller the phone, the louder I seem to feel the need to speak.  This thing is so small that I will probably shout at everyone.  The FD has assured me that she can teach me how to use it, and that once I learn, I will love it.  We shall see.

I have been steadily knitting cupcakes.  I will take a photo once I get them embellished and begin stitching them together.  FD told me last night that she would like to wear it on our trip to Nashville.  Not likely.  I am in the middle of baking and wrapping and finishing my shopping.  I will be happy to have it done after New Year’s.

I got to talk to Soldier Daughter this morning for quite awhile on Yahoo Messenger between tasks at work.  I had not heard from her in several weeks, so it was good to touch base.  I have mailed so many packages over there that I have lost track of what I’ve sent.  She has received everything except the last two boxes and those should arrive any day now.  We will certainly miss her this Christmas.

I made a batch of eggnog bread last night and will bake another this evening and start baking cookies.  We have an office cookie exchange on Friday and this year I am making butterscotch chip spice cookies.  I just have to keep myself from eating them as I bake them!


WW Coffee Swap Question 6

My favorite winter activity is ice skating outside on a calm cloudy day.  But since I now live in Kansas, my favorite activity — winter, spring, summer and fall — is knitting!  And it is an activity that can be done anywhere — indoors or outdoors!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

It is too bad that when schools are cancelled, that work is not cancelled, too!  We have icy rain now, but temps are supposed to drop which will make for an interesting day and night, I’m sure.

But here I am at the office like a good little worker bee.  The firm is having a holiday open house tomorrow and we must finish all the preparations.  So I am filing and cleaning up my area, my attorney’s office, and our workroom.  Perhaps we will close early today — but it is doubtful.

We had similar weather over the weekend and I spent the entire day on Saturday inside.  I cleaned and I cooked and I knit and I read and I watched basketball and a movie.  It was a great day.

I wrapped some gifties.  Yesterday I went to the post office and mailed my last two boxes for the holiday season to Iraq.  Woo Hoo!  Done! Soldier Daughter had a gift shipped to me for her best friend who is also in Iraq and I had gotten her a couple of things also and had tins of cookies and fudge to mail.  So I got those boxes ready and mailed them yesterday.

I finished the garter stitch shrug for Fashionista Daughter.  It fits her perfectly — but she refused to let me take a photo of her wearing it.

She saw a pic on the internet of someone wearing a scarf that looks like cupcakes stitched together, and has asked me to make one.  I looked around on Ravelry yesterday and found something that I think will work.  Tonight I may attempt to knit a sample and see how it will turn out.

Sunday after church we went out to eat lunch and then off to a local store to purchase ice melt, de-icer for car windows, and a new scraper for Fashionista Daughter.  We found a new beverage while we were out — 7Up with Pomegranate.  It is good!  We also like the Sierra Mist with Cranberry.  I use that with white wine to make a spritzer.  Very tasty.

I was in a comfort food cooking mode over the weekend.  Must be the chilly weather.  I made mashed potatoes, turkey and noodles, a pot of chili, a pot roast with potatoes and carrots, and egg salad for the fashionista.  She loves egg salad.  Last night we had bowls of chili with crackers and cheese.  Yum!

Back to the grind!

WW Question 5

Well, I made a little visit to the blog of Andrea S.  She’s not doing any Christmas knitting this year — like me!  At least now I know I’m not the only one.

And she has a beautiful Lizard Ridge afghan.  Go and check it out — it is gorgeous.

The Whirl of the Season

It has begun here in the center of the midwest — the whirl of the season.

So what have I been up to?  Shopping and wrapping and mailing off decorations, gifties, and goodies to Iraq.  Soldier Daughter’s gifties are done, wrapped, and on the way.  I still have some baking to do and two more soldier boxes — which I will complete this weekend.   Then I can concentrate on the local gifties.  Fashionista Daughter is beginning to feel a bit left out.

I have sadly done no recent knitting, reading, or cooking.

I played Christmas music for 3 hours on Sunday night for a VIP event for a local department store.  Each of the band members received a $150 store credit, which is nice.  I saw a dressy blouse I would like to purchase to wear to my office Christmas party.  Fashionista Daughter worked on the catering end of the event — walking around with trays of truffles and cheesecake bites — and received a $50 store credit for her part.

We have gotten our decorations up.  We’ve been drinking lots of coffee and making our lists and checking them twice.

I did finish knitting the garter stitch shrug for Fashionista Daughter.  Now I need to be home long enough to sew it up and weave in the ends — perhaps over the weekend when I finish my baking.

Today I ordered something online for my WW Coffee Swap pal.  And I have purchased some coffee.  And I will have Fashionista Daughter pick up a couple of goodies from our favorite Lebanese deli/grocery to put in the box.  There are just so many possibilities of what to send — it makes my head spin!