Short Work Week!

It is a three day week due to the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday — I am looking forward to being off for 4 days.  And I don’t have praise team this week — I have a Sunday off, YAY! So no rehearsals, either.

Friday evening I took the Fashionista Daughter to American Eagle.  She got a seasonal job there and wanted to purchase a few items on discount.  I told her I would match whatever $$ she had.  She was able to purchase a pair of jeans, a fleece hoodie, two shirts, and a pair of shoes.  She was pleased with that.

Saturday I ran some errands and did my turkey shopping.  I tried to clean house, but was not in the mood.  I made chicken and broccoli alfredo for dinner.  We watched a dvd — Rumor Has It.  It was not great.

Yesterday was really nice weather — I winterized the rest of my yard and picked the rest of the sage to freeze.  I baked a pie for the Thanksgiving service/Pie fellowship last night.  Finished up my laundry.

I have a couple of small finished objects.

 Baby Hat

A purple merino baby hat with a 6 row fun fur stripe.   I don’t have a recipient in mind — just wanted to make one. 

Sari Silk scarf

This is just a plain garter stitch scarf that I knit for Fashionista Daughter using recycled sari silk yarn.  She prefers fairly skinny scarves.

Lynsey - Day of the Dead

Here is her piece that was in the Day of Dead exhibition at City Arts. 

Most of the family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving.  We will miss Soldier Daughter this year.  Both of my girls prefer to have dinner at my house after the year we went to my mother’s and were served Lavender Chicken.  I always cook the turkey and make the stuffing and gravy, and the other relatives bring side dishes. 

I don’t usually go out to the stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I think I will work on some knitting, maybe start getting out the Christmas decorations, watch some movies — have a nice relaxing weekend.

It is supposed to be close in the 70s here today and tomorrow, and then dropping to the 40s for the rest of the week — so it will be a good weekend for puttering around the house.


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