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WWCoffeeSwap Question of the Week

There are two perfect cups of coffee for me.  The first would be the first cup of the morning, early in the morning when I am sitting at the table for my morning devotional.

The second perfect cup of coffee for me is the cup of coffee I have with my two best girlfriends.  A perfect cup of coffee and good conversation. 


WWCoffee Swap Question 3


This week’s question is what I am thankful for — I have always loved this photo of Snoopy and Woodstock!

1.  I am thankful that since Soldier Daughter must do a tour of duty in Iraq, she is in one of the more stabilized areas.

2.  I am thankful for Yahoo Messenger on which I am able to converse with Soldier Daughter once  a week.

3. I am thankful that my father will recover 100% from his recent stroke.

4.  I am thankful that most of my family is relatively healthy and stable.

5.  I am thankful that I am nearly 7 years (March 2008) cancer free!

6.  I am thankful for my girlfriends.

7.  I am thankful that I have work, shelter, food, and family for this Thanksgiving holiday.

8.  I am thankful for the close relationship I have with Fashionista Daughter.

So, those are just a few things I am thankful for — it could be a MUCH longer list, but I don’t want to blather on.

Short Work Week!

It is a three day week due to the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday — I am looking forward to being off for 4 days.  And I don’t have praise team this week — I have a Sunday off, YAY! So no rehearsals, either.

Friday evening I took the Fashionista Daughter to American Eagle.  She got a seasonal job there and wanted to purchase a few items on discount.  I told her I would match whatever $$ she had.  She was able to purchase a pair of jeans, a fleece hoodie, two shirts, and a pair of shoes.  She was pleased with that.

Saturday I ran some errands and did my turkey shopping.  I tried to clean house, but was not in the mood.  I made chicken and broccoli alfredo for dinner.  We watched a dvd — Rumor Has It.  It was not great.

Yesterday was really nice weather — I winterized the rest of my yard and picked the rest of the sage to freeze.  I baked a pie for the Thanksgiving service/Pie fellowship last night.  Finished up my laundry.

I have a couple of small finished objects.

 Baby Hat

A purple merino baby hat with a 6 row fun fur stripe.   I don’t have a recipient in mind — just wanted to make one. 

Sari Silk scarf

This is just a plain garter stitch scarf that I knit for Fashionista Daughter using recycled sari silk yarn.  She prefers fairly skinny scarves.

Lynsey - Day of the Dead

Here is her piece that was in the Day of Dead exhibition at City Arts. 

Most of the family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving.  We will miss Soldier Daughter this year.  Both of my girls prefer to have dinner at my house after the year we went to my mother’s and were served Lavender Chicken.  I always cook the turkey and make the stuffing and gravy, and the other relatives bring side dishes. 

I don’t usually go out to the stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I think I will work on some knitting, maybe start getting out the Christmas decorations, watch some movies — have a nice relaxing weekend.

It is supposed to be close in the 70s here today and tomorrow, and then dropping to the 40s for the rest of the week — so it will be a good weekend for puttering around the house.

Life update

I haven’t written a regular post in a bit so I will do a photo-less update.  I was down for a week with some back problems.  I tried to go into the office a couple of those days and hobbled around a bit — the rest of the time I was flat on my back. 

I did get some knitting done — I have two more inches to go on the dishcloth cotton baby kimono, and I knit about 18 inches on a cotton shrug for my daughter.

I watched a few movies on the portable dvd player from my bed — Matchpoint, The Sentinel, The Da Vinci Code, Music From the Heart, Christmas with the Kranks.

Saturday I had to get up and about for a bit — dead battery in the car that had to be replaced.  Then I attempted some house cleaning.  And I mixed up a meatloaf and made some mashed potatoes for Sunday dinner.  Boxed up items to send to Soldier Daughter.

Now I am back at the office — doing much better.  I wish my evenings were free this week, but unfortunately I have meetings tonight and Tuesday, class on Wednesday, and praise team on Thursday —

Next post will have photos — I promise!

WWCoffee Swap Post 2

As the cold of winter approaches, do you change the projects you work on? Do you work on gifts for others or do you continue working on projects for yourself?

My knitting really doesn’t change much with the seasons.  I knit very few things for myself — mainly socks for myself.  I enjoy giving my knitting away — to family and friends.  I have not been happy with the garments I have attempted to knit for myself in the past.  I knit myself a cardigan and hate it.  I knit myself a short sleeve summer top and after one washing it never fit well.  I do have half a summer shell knit which I will likely finish.  And I do have two other garments planned to knit for me — a tweed vest and a knit jacket.

I generally do a bit of holiday gift knitting — but not this year. I have been working on so many baby items that I decided not to attempt any holiday gift knitting.  Maybe next year.

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap — update

I started drinking coffee when I was a senior in high school — mainly in an attempt to impress the college boys that hung out at the diner where my friends and I went — it was about a mile from the university.  We thought we were pretty cool in those days. 

But when I really discovered a love of coffee was in Sicily.  I was stationed there when I was in the Navy — and I discovered cappuccino and espresso and from there my love for coffee took off!  I loved going to the local pasticeria and ordering a cappuccino with a dusting of cinnamon.  And when I worked nights at the commsta, we would stop on the way to work and down a double espresso — that kept me going for those 12 hour shifts.

I love the smell of coffee, I love grinding the beans, I love good conversation with coffee, I love good chocolate with coffee — there are just so many wonderful times of my life associated with coffee.

I drink my coffee with half and half.  During the holidays I buy the peppermint mocha creamer as a treat.  It is about the only flavored creamer I like. 

Monday Musings

Monday morning . . . .

Friday evening I went out with my DD.  She had a Day of the Dead piece displayed at City Arts.  We looked at the exhibition and ate a tamale and a few chips with salsa.  Then we walked over to Cafe Moderne and drank cafe au lait and shared a small order of pistachio gelato.

Saturday morning I worked a bit on the Harvard Square Stripes baby sweater and then headed out on errrands.  Then I came home and did some work around the house.

Later Saturday evening I watched The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.  Fun little film.

Yesterday afternoon I watched The Painted Veil with Ed Norton and Naomi Watts — it was excellent.  And I started reading The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters.

Last night I went to life group and we talked about the last part of the Apostle’s Creed — why we believe in them.  Interesting conversation.  The group brought items for a Christmas care package for me to send to Iraq which I plan to box up and mail out the end of the month.

Camp SpeicherCamp Speicher October 2007Speicher October 2007

Doesn’t this look like a fun place to spend a year or more of your life?  Not.

I meant to upload photos from my camera of current WIPs and FOs along with a photo of youngest DD as a Roman on Halloween and a photo of her Day of the Dead project, but never got the camera out.  Hopefully, I will motivate myself to do that this week and update the blog again.