State Fair, Yarn Harlot = Busy Weekend

Saturday was a perfect day for the State Fair.  It was very cool and autumn-like.  When I asked the DD if she was ready to go, she came out of her room in a short sleeve polo.  After stepping outside, she changed into sweats, which was a very smart thing to do.  We had a great time at the fair — looked at the exhibits, ate cheese curds and chicken salad stuffed cucumbers.  DD got a henna tattoo on her wrist — she says it is supposed to last about 3 weeks if she is careful.  We were very tempted to bring home a bunny rabbit, but I resisted.  I saw the 976 lb. pumpkin.  I also saw a four day old baby alpaca — it was so very cute!  We stayed at the fair for about 6 hours and then stopped on the way home and bought our groceries for the week.

Saturday evening I sat on the sofa and knitted.  I was too tired to do much more.  I began my third attempt at knitting a pair of Jaywalkers, but it didn’t go well.  So I ripped it out and started again.  Still didn’t go well.  So I ripped it out and started again.  This time I thought I would add stitch markers — I thought that perhaps that way I wouldn’t forget where I was.  Still didn’t work out.  Why on earth can’t I seem to knit this pattern?  It seems simple enough.  K in front and back, k 7, dd, k 7, k in f-b again.  I have knit more complicated things.  Why am I not getting this???!!! So I ripped them out again and the sock yarn and needles are sitting on the table staring back at me and laughing at my ineptness.

Church was good — praise team was good.  The focus on the service was worship and instead of an entire sermon, the pastor had short teaching interspersed with worship music, so we were on the platform for the entire service.  After the 9:15 service was over, I went on duty in the baby nursery.  That was wonderful — there were 7 babies, so I got in plenty of holding and feeding and playing.  

After lunch, I went through my knitting stuff and picked out about 7 pairs of needles and a bagful of yarn to drop off at Twist for the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Got my own knitting gathered up, the tickets for the Yarn Harlot event, and my digital camera.  The DD was quite amused — after listening to Stephanie’s talk, I think the DD may be a member of CHOKE.

But I was in great need of humor and frivolity yesterday to take my mind off the fact that my eldest DD’s battalion was moving north out of Kuwait and crossing over into Iraq yesterday.  So the Yarn Harlot event was just what I needed.  And I have a photo to prove it — how could I not?

Me with Stephanie Pearl McPhee 

Yep, tis me with my log cabin sock yarn eternal WIP, and Stephanie with the famous sock.  The ladies in line behind me snapped the pic and I in turn took a photo of them and then emailed it to them.  They had driven in to the event from the Hays area.

Last night was my life group’s first offical meeting of the fall season — we meet every two weeks and in the summers we get together for food and fellowship once a month.  We talked last night about some verses from Philippians and what we have learned from them and how we can apply them to our lives.

All in all — a busy and fruitful weekend.  Can anyone help me with the Jaywalker dilemma? 


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I wear many hats -- mother and grandmother, paralegal, knitter, bass player in a praise and worship band, gardener, cook, avid reader, good friend, good listener -- just to name a few. View all posts by ksknitter

One response to “State Fair, Yarn Harlot = Busy Weekend

  • Janey

    Yeah, for people who think to take a picture at a Yarn Harlot sighting!
    (Of course, I don’t have a blog to post a photo on.)

    But isn’t she just the funniest? When she came to Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) there were nearly 300 knitters there and we laughed non-stop for an hour and a half.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself (and safe-keeping to your DD),

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