Labor Day Musings

My thoughts today are of war.  My eldest daughter has left for Iraq.  Talk of this time has gone on for over a year.  Somehow I never thought of it as real — but now it has slapped me in the face.  She is gone for 15-18 months.  My mother and youngest daughter and I drove up to the area where she was and had dinner with her — it was lovely, but it seemed like the time went by too quickly and then she had to get ready to get on a plane.

Me and the girls

So here is a photo of me and my girls.  And I will pray daily that she will be safe over there.

On a lighter note — this three day weekend is going by quickly!  Saturday morning I went to the farm market where I bought loads of fresh veggies like these —

Farm Market Bounty

I also bought a bunch of fresh beets — new for me.  I never liked pickled or canned beets when I was a child, but I read recently about how good for you fresh beets are and to try them sliced in a salad.  So I bought some to try.  My tomato plants are still producing and I think I will roast some of my grape tomatoes later today and then freeze them for later in the year.  I found a recipe for a summer vegetable casserole that I want to make with the eggplant and the squash.

Friday evening I picked up my mother and we went to the Final Friday art crawl.  Saw some really cool things.  It made me wish I had inherited that ability from my mother.  My younger DD is the artist in the family.  I am the only musician in the entire family.  The new yarn shop Twist was open, so we stopped in there.  I saw lots of things I am interested in.  Nice shop, nice atmosphere.  I will definitely go back.

My plans for today are just to get some things done around the house and search through my knitting patterns for new projects.  I need to take my recyclables to the center, and I have some things that I want to list on the local Freecycle.  I also need to make a trip to the grocery store and my younger daughter needs art supplies so we may go over to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  She wants to work on a piece for the Day of the Dead show coming up — it is always a fun reception and event. 

Here is an updated photo on the progress of my sock yarn log cabin blanket — not too much progress, but some!

Log Cabin 9-3-07


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One response to “Labor Day Musings

  • Janey

    First you have me drooling for a beet sandwich. And having no beets in the house, that is not likely to come about.
    Then you have me drooling over y our log cabin blanket. That’s not likely to happen either because I don’t have long enough circs. (But someone IS giving me her left-over bits of sock yarn. Hmmm.)

    I have recently joined the local Freecycle. What a blast! I haven’t acquired anything, and I’m not likely to (because I receive the list of items in a daily digest, which is too late to be considered for most things) – but I recently “freecycled” an office/computer chair. It was great not to have to put it out in the garbage! And the people who got it were appreciative as well.

    Maybe I’ll just go back to the dishcloth knitting group that I surfed in from. And see if I can be led astray in some other direction.

    Take care and happy knitting,

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