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State Fair, Yarn Harlot = Busy Weekend

Saturday was a perfect day for the State Fair.  It was very cool and autumn-like.  When I asked the DD if she was ready to go, she came out of her room in a short sleeve polo.  After stepping outside, she changed into sweats, which was a very smart thing to do.  We had a great time at the fair — looked at the exhibits, ate cheese curds and chicken salad stuffed cucumbers.  DD got a henna tattoo on her wrist — she says it is supposed to last about 3 weeks if she is careful.  We were very tempted to bring home a bunny rabbit, but I resisted.  I saw the 976 lb. pumpkin.  I also saw a four day old baby alpaca — it was so very cute!  We stayed at the fair for about 6 hours and then stopped on the way home and bought our groceries for the week.

Saturday evening I sat on the sofa and knitted.  I was too tired to do much more.  I began my third attempt at knitting a pair of Jaywalkers, but it didn’t go well.  So I ripped it out and started again.  Still didn’t go well.  So I ripped it out and started again.  This time I thought I would add stitch markers — I thought that perhaps that way I wouldn’t forget where I was.  Still didn’t work out.  Why on earth can’t I seem to knit this pattern?  It seems simple enough.  K in front and back, k 7, dd, k 7, k in f-b again.  I have knit more complicated things.  Why am I not getting this???!!! So I ripped them out again and the sock yarn and needles are sitting on the table staring back at me and laughing at my ineptness.

Church was good — praise team was good.  The focus on the service was worship and instead of an entire sermon, the pastor had short teaching interspersed with worship music, so we were on the platform for the entire service.  After the 9:15 service was over, I went on duty in the baby nursery.  That was wonderful — there were 7 babies, so I got in plenty of holding and feeding and playing.  

After lunch, I went through my knitting stuff and picked out about 7 pairs of needles and a bagful of yarn to drop off at Twist for the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Got my own knitting gathered up, the tickets for the Yarn Harlot event, and my digital camera.  The DD was quite amused — after listening to Stephanie’s talk, I think the DD may be a member of CHOKE.

But I was in great need of humor and frivolity yesterday to take my mind off the fact that my eldest DD’s battalion was moving north out of Kuwait and crossing over into Iraq yesterday.  So the Yarn Harlot event was just what I needed.  And I have a photo to prove it — how could I not?

Me with Stephanie Pearl McPhee 

Yep, tis me with my log cabin sock yarn eternal WIP, and Stephanie with the famous sock.  The ladies in line behind me snapped the pic and I in turn took a photo of them and then emailed it to them.  They had driven in to the event from the Hays area.

Last night was my life group’s first offical meeting of the fall season — we meet every two weeks and in the summers we get together for food and fellowship once a month.  We talked last night about some verses from Philippians and what we have learned from them and how we can apply them to our lives.

All in all — a busy and fruitful weekend.  Can anyone help me with the Jaywalker dilemma? 


Cool Monday in KS

Today it is cloudy and cool here.  I am actually wearing a long sleeve cotton sweater!  We are supposed to get some rainshowers and more cool autumn like weather all week — Woo Hoo!

The weekend went by fairly quickly though I did not have a lot of activities planned.  It was a pretty nice weekend.  Friday evening I met my mother and younger daughter who had a girlfriend with her at an art reception.  So I munched on a plate of goodies and then looked at art for awhile.  It was an all media show, so there was a variety.  Some fiber arts, lots of ceramics — one of the show judges is a potter.  I was disappointed that there were not more assemblages.  There were a few collages and some sculpture.  Not many paintings or drawings, either. One display I really liked was called Tea for 47 People and it was a series of handbuilt tea pots of all different sizes attached to a wall.

On the way home I stopped and picked up my tickets to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  She is coming to Wichita this next Sunday!  I am going with two friends — should be a great time.

Saturday morning I got up and worked in my yard for several hours.  I cut back the blackberry bush in preparation for winter, removed the seed pods from my blackberry lilies, weeded, watered, trimmed — it was good to get that all done.  The willow sunflowers are starting to develop blooms.  And I have tomato plants that still have a lot of fruit and at least one is still blooming.

I tried a new burger recipe for lunch and we liked it.  Blue Cheese Burgers — I mixed blue cheese crumbles, fresh chopped chives, dry mustard, worcestershire, and hot sauce into ground beef and cooked the patties on my stovetop grill.  We ate those on multi-grain buns with red onion, lettuce, and tomato.  I made a simple fruit salad with halved black grapes, chunks of cantaloupe, a fresh peach, and a fresh pear.

Saturday afternoon I went to the library and then came home and worked on some knitting.  I started another child’s front placket sweater — I am using a dark purple for the seed stitch borders and placket and a lavender for the body and sleeves.  And I worked on a ribbed watchcap in black — Adopt a Platoon is starting a campaign for hats for the soldiers serving in northern Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you read this blog and are interested in supporting our soldiers, check out Adopt a Platoon at — I have been supporting soldiers through this group for three years now.

Yesterday after church I ate lunch and then because it was such a beautiful day with a nice breeze, I put on my walking clothes and went to the park.  When I got home from my walk, I made some coffee and sat out on the glider for an hour with a book.  After that I did some miscellaneous chores around the house and then made dinner. 

It was a lovely weekend.  Not too busy, and I got some things accomplished along with some relaxation — now we shall see what the week brings.

Labor Day Musings

My thoughts today are of war.  My eldest daughter has left for Iraq.  Talk of this time has gone on for over a year.  Somehow I never thought of it as real — but now it has slapped me in the face.  She is gone for 15-18 months.  My mother and youngest daughter and I drove up to the area where she was and had dinner with her — it was lovely, but it seemed like the time went by too quickly and then she had to get ready to get on a plane.

Me and the girls

So here is a photo of me and my girls.  And I will pray daily that she will be safe over there.

On a lighter note — this three day weekend is going by quickly!  Saturday morning I went to the farm market where I bought loads of fresh veggies like these —

Farm Market Bounty

I also bought a bunch of fresh beets — new for me.  I never liked pickled or canned beets when I was a child, but I read recently about how good for you fresh beets are and to try them sliced in a salad.  So I bought some to try.  My tomato plants are still producing and I think I will roast some of my grape tomatoes later today and then freeze them for later in the year.  I found a recipe for a summer vegetable casserole that I want to make with the eggplant and the squash.

Friday evening I picked up my mother and we went to the Final Friday art crawl.  Saw some really cool things.  It made me wish I had inherited that ability from my mother.  My younger DD is the artist in the family.  I am the only musician in the entire family.  The new yarn shop Twist was open, so we stopped in there.  I saw lots of things I am interested in.  Nice shop, nice atmosphere.  I will definitely go back.

My plans for today are just to get some things done around the house and search through my knitting patterns for new projects.  I need to take my recyclables to the center, and I have some things that I want to list on the local Freecycle.  I also need to make a trip to the grocery store and my younger daughter needs art supplies so we may go over to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  She wants to work on a piece for the Day of the Dead show coming up — it is always a fun reception and event. 

Here is an updated photo on the progress of my sock yarn log cabin blanket — not too much progress, but some!

Log Cabin 9-3-07