Happy Birthday to Me

Ah, the dog days of August are upon us.  Today is my birthday —

We had the obligatory family gathering on Sunday.  My mother made peach cobbler and coconut cream pie.  Very tasty —  some neat little gifties.  I was the recipient of some lovely birthstone earrings and a necklace — peridots from Bolivia.  A Zippi fan — the cutest little thing you ever saw — which will travel with me to band practice — it is always hot hot hot on the platform!


Isn’t it just the cutest little thing you ever saw?  Mine is not black, though — mine is the limited platinum edition!

I have been getting my items gathered up for the state fair.  I procrastinated last year and didn’t get anything entered in time, so this year I was determined not to miss the deadline. So below are photos of two of my entries (I don’t have a photo of the socks I am entering)



Item 1 is the Diamond Seed Stitch Baby Jacket from Interweave Knits — can’t recall the specific issue at the moment.  I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in the Teddy Bear colorway.

Item 2 is the Branching Out scarf — a free Knitty pattern.  I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in the Denim colorway.  I really like this scarf.  I currently have another on the needles in a mossy green.  And I also love this Silky Wool yarn.

I am also submitting a pair of embossed leaves socks, but didn’t manage to get a photo of those.

Last night my DD made dinner — yummy fish tacos and some rice.  We had eaten fish tacos at On the Border and I really liked them.  I found a recipe at the Whole Foods website and so she used that recipe and they were very good.

Over the weekend I did a bit of cooking — I made a Lebanese beef and green bean stew in my crockpot which we ate over brown rice.  Another meal I made was chicken thighs marinated in olive oil and za’atar and then roasted in the oven.  I served those with baba ghanoush, pita and a salad of spinach, mandarin oranges, diced red pepper, pine nuts, and gorgonzola cheese with an olive oil and vinegar dressing.  Happy tummies this weekend —


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