Monthly Archives: June 2007

Log Cabin Fever

The log cabin fever is catching on here.  I got the Mason-Dixon Knitting book from the library for the umpteenth time.  I really should just buy my own copy.  And I wanted to try the log cabin knitting, and after remembering that Wendy Johnson knit a log cabin blanket using leftover sock yarn, I decided to do that.  So I went through my leftover bin and pulled out all the sock yarn and got started.  I will post a photo another day.  Now the blanket may take forever — or it could end up as a doll or infant blanket — considering I’m using sock yarn and a US 3 needle.  But it is a nice break from the usual knitting.  I have to do something new occasionally to spice things up — even if it is all garter stitch!

Fairly quiet weekend here.  Saturday was spent doing household things — and some cooking.  I tried some new recipes.  A batch of carrot pineapple muffins.  A roasted squash salad from Nigella Lawson’s Summer cookbook.  My mother was over for dinner this evening and we ate the salad with our meal and both enjoyed it very much.  It is zucchini and yellow squash cut into sticks and roasted with olive oil, blanched green beans, fava beans, lemon juice, fresh basil and salt and pepper.  With the salad I served chicken thighs that had been marinated with olive oil and zaatar, then roasted in the oven.  We also had tabouli and fruit.

My mother brought me a lilac bush start that we planted today and some extra netting she had which we used to cover my blackberry bush.  Then she stayed for dinner and after our meal we watched a dvd — The Beauty Academy of Kabul.  It was an interesting film.

Well, back to my log cabin knitting! 


Dry for a Change

The weekend was finally dry for a change — and it was very nice.  I was actually able to get out quite a bit.

Friday evening I just vegged out.  I cooked whole grain rotini and topped it with diced tomatoes and a couple of spoonfuls of pesto sauce, then topped it with grated pecorino romano.  Saturday morning I went and got a haircut — shorter for the summer.  I can spike it a bit on top and the back if I choose.  Then I worked around the house a bit.  Went to a very sweet wedding Saturday afternoon — a young couple at my church got married.  The groom was a vocalist on my praise team and invited me.  It was a lovely wedding — and who can resist wedding cake?  Certainly not me.

Yesterday evening I got out on my bicycle for a short ride.  Trying to get back into shape.  I have been going to the park to walk, but don’t get over there as often as I would like, so I thought I would try bicycling around the neighborhood.  Cleaned up the bike, aired up the tires and off I went.  I went again this afternoon, too.  Last night I watched an interesting little film — Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont.  Joan Plowright was the main character.  I love British films.

This afternoon I got back out on my bike and then worked on weeding my front garden areas and moved several cannas to a different spot.  I didn’t finish the weeding, but will do a little each evening until I get caught up — as long as it stays fairly dry, anyway.

Khalid Hosseini, the author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, is coming here for a reading at the end of June.  I phoned my mother and she wants to go, so she will get the tickets this week.  I enjoyed The Kite Runner and I reserved his new book at the library.  Hopefully I will get to read it before he comes here.

I am nearly finished with A Year in the World by Frances Mayes.  It makes me want to travel.  PBS is showing Visions of Sicily this week.  I lived there for 2.5 years back in the late 70s — I will have to watch it to see if I recognize anything. 

This week I managed to finish two new dishcloths for my kitchen — in a lemon-lime colorway.  I added some beads to the “yarn” I am making for Bauble.  I am nearly half done making the “yarn.”  This week I want to finish the second sleeve on Ryan’s sweater and another of the cotton towels I am knitting for my dining chair covers.  If I get one of those done, it will be a good thing.