Monthly Archives: March 2007

Reality Bites!

Had a phone call Friday night regarding Ryan.  Ryan’s dad is also in the Army and he and eldest DD had worked out an agreement, but then eldest DD changed her mind and put in some unreasonable provisions.  Dad has now hired an attorney and it appears there may be a custody dispute over my little guy.  And Dad may get temporary custody.  So I will enjoy the time I have with Ryan as I don’t know how much longer it will last.

Finished the Seed Stitch Baby Jacket and gave it to the parents yesterday.  They loved it.  It is always nice to knit for  appreciative recipients.

I have been listening to Bruce Feiler read his book, Where God Was Born, on cd.  I finished disc 5 last night.  I hope to listen to the last disc this evening.

I have made some changes to my eating lately — only whole grains, more veggies, no processed foods, organic.  Saturday while Ryan napped in the late afternoon, I made some brown rice and then made a veggie primavera to eat with it.  It was very good — sliced yellow squash, baby carrots, chopped red pepper, and broccoli with a sauce made from olive oil, dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, and chicken broth.  Later in the evening I had a Kashi cinnamon oatmeal flax cookie with a cup of tea.  Yum!

I am also trying to be more environmentally conscious.  When I lived in Minnesota, I was very good about recycling and other environmental disciplines.  After I moved back to Kansas, which does not have any good recycling programs in my area, I recycled for awhile and then got lax.  I do use cfls in lamps and am slowly switching over to all cfls.  This weekend after reading a post on another knitter’s blog, I cleaned out all my cleaning chemicals — youngest DD benefited again — and purchased Borax, washing soda, vinegar, and lemons.  I spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon cleaning my kitchen with Borax and warm water and what a good feeling it is — and my kitchen just sparkles.

Yesterday after Ryan got up from his nap, we called youngest DD and picked her up and went to the park.  He was happy to be outside in his stroller and watched everything and clapped and chattered.  It was around 57, and no wind, so it was a lovely day to get out.  We walked for about an hour and a half, then we headed over to Starbuck’s for sustenance.  Youngest DD and Ryan shared a vanilla cupcake — he had cherry puffs, but was not interested in those after he discovered he could eat bits of cupcake!  I satisfied myself with a nonfat cappucino.  It was a good afternoon. 


Spring is trying to peek through, but Winter marches on

Last week one of my coworkers suggested that we go to PA and kill Puxatawney Phil — I was tempted, what can I say?  I am ready for spring.  We keep being teased here — 60s and 70s and then back to 30s and 40s.

Eldest DD is in the “field” — apparently that is where they go out to an area of acreage and shoot off artillery and engage in combat exercises.  I don’t find the thought of crawling through a muddy field with live rounds going off over my head appealing — but that is why she is in the Army and not moi.

Ryan had a nasty virus — but is back to normal.  He will be one year old in 12 days — it is hard to believe.  He is such a happy playful little guy.  He would like to talk — he does chatter gibberish all the time; even in his sleep.  He still only has two bottom teeth, loves Cheeto puffs, and loves to spin things.  He would also love to rip apart any book or magazine or piece of paper if he could only get his little hands on them.  He laughs when I bounce a soft Einstein block off his head and in fact leans forward in anticipation of the next bounce. 

Music is coming along.  I have not been as diligent on the Takamine as I should.  Been preoccupied with the interviewing and hiring of a new worship pastor at church.  The candidates we brought in rehearsed with a praise team — the one that I am on — and then led worship at the 9:15 service which is a more contemporary praise and worship service.  The candidate we just hired is going to be very good — he was very well prepared at practice, knew where he wanted us to go, and it was tight during an hour of practice.  The next candidate took two hours of rehearsal and we were left feeling a bit unsure.

 The worship pastor we currently have is a great young man — I love him dearly and enjoy friendship with him and his wife outside of church — and he has found a position that I think he will be much happier in.  He is going to move, though, to Yakima, Washington.  However, I can see myself taking a road trip up there to visit them — and getting to Seattle, too. 

On the knitting front, I am sewing together the pink seed stitch baby jacket this weekend and giving it to the new baby girl.  I found buttons last night that will be great.  I started searching through patterns and yarn last weekend — trying to find a new project to peak my interest — other than the two pairs of socks I need to finish.  Haven’t found anything yet, but plan to get back to that this weekend.