Monthly Archives: February 2007

EIGHT BELOW and other stuff

The past few weeks has been icy and snowy — total snow around 10 inches and not really melting off.  It turned pretty cold after it snowed this week.  Not much fun to go out and about — Not as cold, however, as when I lived in the Twin Cities area.  After being back in Kansas for 10 years, I have turned into a winter wimp!

I watched Eight Below last night.  Not what I would term a child’s movie — sled dogs left to fend for themselves in the Antarctic…..

I finished the red scarf and am working on finishing a hat for the eldest DD.  Need to cast on the second Regia sock and get that pair finished.  I had promised to knit a Debbie Bliss seed stitch baby jacket.  The due date was March 1, so I thought I had plenty of time.  Picked up the yarn last Saturday and the baby was born Sunday afternoon!  So I had better get busy on that project!  I at least need to do a swatch and see if the yarn I purchased will work for the needle size called for by the pattern.

Ryan has learned to click his tongue and he has decided it is really funny to spit while I am trying to feed him dinner.  Not entirely sure which one of us should wear the bib!  Two of the school age girls at his day care are working with him on walking — he can go three steps between them — and they have him practicing every morning.  He is down for his morning nap at the moment.  We listened to Bob and Larry’s Toddler Songs earlier and danced a bit — he loves music.

I cleaned out my pantry, kitchen cabinets and fridge the other night.  I am starting the Sonoma eating plan today.  Younger DD got bonus groceries for her apartment — I think she left with 4 bags of stuff!  I have wanted to do whole grains and veggies and less processed foods for quite some time, and now that younger DD is in her own apartment, this is the time to do it.

Been trying to play the Takamine 6 string for 30 minutes at least every other evening.  I am trying to work into every evening — or every evening I am home.  Doing finger exercises and basic chords.  Very different from playing bass.

I bought headphones Thursday evening over at Guitar Center.  The church installed a Hearback system and we used it the first time Thursday night.  Great — now I know how sucky I really sound!  Must thank the worship pastor for that.  But it will help me in the long run.

Back to the grind — must get things accomplished while the little rugrat is down.