Monthly Archives: January 2007

They say the devil wears Prada

Just watched the DVD last night with my younger daughter.  She came over to stay with Ryan while I went to praise team practice.  When I got home, she had cooked dinner for both of us and we watched The Devil Wears Prada.  She had wanted very badly to see it and we missed it in the theater.  It was a cute movie.

I finished knitting a rib knit scarf for eldest DD and am now working on a matching hat.  I finished knitting a very bright Regia sock and need to cast on the second sock.  Hope to get that done this weekend.  And I am going to get started on a scarf for the Red Scarf Project.  The red scarves that are knit and sent in are given in February to college students who have been in foster care, orphaned — students who have overcome the odds to get to college without much support.  A very worthy cause in my opinion.  And I have a lovely superwash yarn that is a variegated dark red, black and cream that will make a great scarf for either a male or female student.

Last Saturday my younger DD and I went to a salon grand opening.  We got packs of samples and a $10 off services card.  The young woman who does our hair started working here.  A lot of the samples are for men, so I put those in my soldier goodie basket.  I sponsor a soldier who is currently over in Iraq through Adopt a Platoon.  I write short letters, send cards, and send a box of goodies once a month.  I usually buy things as I see them — four packs of the snack packs of canned fruit on sale, wet wipes — whatever I think can be used or enjoyed.  I figure if he doesn’t care for something or can’t use it, he can pass it on to someone else.  Then we did some shopping and went to Panera for a soup lunch.  Ryan did very well in the restaurant.  I fed him his lunch and then he ate bits of my bread.

We have had an unusually warm winter — until today.  The bad weather that started before Christmas in Colorado and western Kansas missed us both times.  Yesterday it was 60 degrees when I left my office and this morning it was 15!  And we are supposed to be in for a weekend of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow.  I am glad that I don’t really have anywhere I have to be this weekend.  After the holidays I started purge cleaning my house and I can work on that this weekend.  I have movies to watch, books to read, food to cook and eat, music to practice and yarn to knit.  Who needs anything else?