A Freaks and Geeks Christmas

A holiday tradition for me and the girls is to watch the DVD set of Freaks and Geeks during the week of Christmas to New Years.  We love that show!  Never get tired of watching it every year…. We enjoy the traditional holiday movies, too — but it is just not Christmas at our house without Freaks and Geeks.devan-sweater.jpg

Here is a photo of the finished Devan sweater that I knit for Kenan. It is large enough that he can wear it for two years.  He looks pretty cute in it — Brie was having a family photo taken and he wore his new sweater for the photo.

Things have been pretty sad at the office — we lost an attorney to a heart attack on December 11.  He was only 57 — and our receptionist found out the same week that her father has inoperable incurable cancer and has been given 6 months to a year to live.  Not much holiday cheer here — although we all went to Randy’s house on Sunday evening for a soup and chili get together and had a good time reminiscing about both Nick and the founding partner, Spencer, who died last year.

I had praise team last night.  I am playing two services on Christmas Eve — 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. which means I will be tardy to the family celebration at my aunt’s.  It will be an early evening there since there are small children who need to get to bed —

I bought myself one early gift — yesterday the local Big Lots store flyer advertised a Rowenta Powerglide 2 iron for $32!  I have wanted a Rowenta for several years, but never wanted to spend $60+ on one.  So I dashed over at lunch and bought myself one — I am thrilled with that bargain!

I am feeling the time crunch here — I have gifts to wrap, another batch of eggnog bread to bake, cleaning to do, grocery shopping to accomplish, chord charts to write for Christmas Eve music, a scarf to fringe, a scarf to finish and block, and cooking!  There are just not enough hours in the day!

I hope everyone who celebrates has a lovely holiday!


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