Winter is Here

Winter arrived in Kansas last week.  On November 28, the temperature was 72 and it was balmy.  Wednesday brought major changes — a drop in temperature by around 50 degrees and freezing rain.  Thursday brought 5.5 inches of snow.  It is slowly melting off, however, but it appears that winter will be staying around awhile now.

Last week was a busy week — not much knitting accomplished, but much music.  Our publications guy at church got us “hired” to perform Christmas music for a holiday VIP event at Dillards department store on Sunday evening.  It was great fun!  We added another guitar player and Rachel’s brother played the jimbay for us.  Someone even asked if we were a professional band for hire and wanted our card — that made us feel pretty cool!  We each received a $100 store credit as payment.  I plan to hit the after-Christmas sale in search of a pair of low heeled black ankle boots.

Earlier Sunday afternoon I went over to Hancock’s to purchase WoolEase in a medium brown and a black for a knitting commission.  One of my friends is paying me to knit a scarf for her eldest son for Christmas.  I found a free pattern online called the Good Ole Cable Scarf that will be perfect for Michael.  While I was at Hancock’s, I spent some time browsing and ran across cards of Venetian Look Glass Beads — 75% off — which made them $1 a card.  I picked up about 10 cards in greens and blues and pinks — I see some bracelet making in my future.

Yesterday afternoon I picked up some DVDs from the library — Joan of Arcadia, Season 1; The Hunting of the President (about Bill Clinton); and The Vicar of Dibley, Series 1.  So last night after dinner and assorted jobs were completed, I sat down to work on the scarf and watched 5 episodes of the Vicar.  I got through about 25 rows on the scarf.  I am knitting with a strand of brown and a strand of black using a US 9 needle.  The pattern called for a cast on of 33, but I cut it back to 25 and I think it will turn out great.

I had planned to knit during lunch today, but I have some errands to run.  I have three Christmas parties this weekend and I need to get ingredients to make meatballs and pumpkin bars and exchange gifties….. and I need to do some more Christmas shopping.  But there will be knitting tonight during Gilmore Girls — and maybe some more Vicar!


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