Life Happens

Boy, things got away from me quick this month.  It was mainly work that got in the way of the rest of my life — hate when that happens!  LOL

My birthday was Monday.  That old Tennessee Ernie Ford song keeps going through my mind — Another year older and deeper in debt… But seriously.  I did have a nice birthday.  DD and I had lunch on Sunday with my mother and my aunt.  Lunch with a coworker on Monday. DD took me to dinner on Monday evening at our favorite little Lebanese restaurant. Ah, calories galore — that is what you have to look forward to as you age.  No fiber or music gifts, though.  Sometimes I wonder if my friends and family know me at all.  Although I did get some nifty giftcards — Starbuck’s, Borders, Chipotle, Hobby Lobby —

My mother told me that CityArts is putting on a breast cancer show.  She is working on a drawing.  I have agreed to knit a scarf either to hang alone or around her drawing.  At first I thought I would knit a fairly plain and simple scarf in a light pink yarn.  Then I remembered that Knitty had published a special breast cancer issue a couple of years ago and decided to check there for ideas first.  I am now feverishly working on a Boobie Scarf in fuschia WoolEase.  I say feverishly because I have restarted the darn thing 5 times and it must be finished by September 6.  Will I finish in time?  Who knows?  I restarted for the final time last night while watching Rockstar Supernova.  The problem I’m having with it is small holes when I short row.  I checked the site for corrections to the pattern and there were none.  Must be operator error of some kind.  But I am determined to move along — I may just end up weaving in some yarn to close the gaps.  Any suggestions?


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