Thinking about lace

I have never done much lace knitting.  My first attempt was the Branching Out scarf (free pattern at Knitty).  I used the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in the denim blue colorway.  I enjoyed making the scarf — but it was light worsted weight on size 8 needles — great for beginners.  I left the scarf at my LYS for blocking and will pick it up tomorrow.  And I may also pick up another skein of the Silky Wool for another Branching Out.

Since making this scarf, I have been thinking of other lace projects — the FlowerBasket Shawl, the Trellis scarf — another easy peasy lace scarf pattern.  I bought several skeins of laceweight yarn from KnitPicks — two skeins in an Iris colorway and one called Turqoise Splendor.  My mother’s favorite color is turquoise and I think she deserves a lace scarf for the holidays.

I have several projects on the needles at the moment, but I am thinking that I need to cast on a lace project this weekend.

I will try to get a photo up next week of the Branching Out scarf.

My clothes dryer gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago.  I had someone look at it and it seems the motor went out.  So DD and I will be dryer shopping this weekend.

My eldest DD is in the Army and currently in Kentucky at Fort Campbell.  She is transferring to Fort Riley here in Kansas at the end of this month.  She has a 5 month old baby — Ryan — and my younger DD and I will be taking care of him for a couple of months while she gets situated and her unit is going to the field for a month and doing some other training.  She says they will be deploying to the Middle East in a year.  I would like to think that the whole situation over there will be resolved by then — but that is probably over optimistic —

I tried to knit and watch The Interpreter last night, but our new DSL equipment came and in connecting everything, my DD found out the ethernet card in our CPU was bad, so we had to unhook everything and go out to my brother’s house.  He is a microsoft engineer and has spare parts laying around — he put a new ethernet card in it and we are good to go — Not that I can ever use the computer myself.  You know how teenagers are — LOL.


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