Monthly Archives: August 2006

Life Happens

Boy, things got away from me quick this month.  It was mainly work that got in the way of the rest of my life — hate when that happens!  LOL

My birthday was Monday.  That old Tennessee Ernie Ford song keeps going through my mind — Another year older and deeper in debt… But seriously.  I did have a nice birthday.  DD and I had lunch on Sunday with my mother and my aunt.  Lunch with a coworker on Monday. DD took me to dinner on Monday evening at our favorite little Lebanese restaurant. Ah, calories galore — that is what you have to look forward to as you age.  No fiber or music gifts, though.  Sometimes I wonder if my friends and family know me at all.  Although I did get some nifty giftcards — Starbuck’s, Borders, Chipotle, Hobby Lobby —

My mother told me that CityArts is putting on a breast cancer show.  She is working on a drawing.  I have agreed to knit a scarf either to hang alone or around her drawing.  At first I thought I would knit a fairly plain and simple scarf in a light pink yarn.  Then I remembered that Knitty had published a special breast cancer issue a couple of years ago and decided to check there for ideas first.  I am now feverishly working on a Boobie Scarf in fuschia WoolEase.  I say feverishly because I have restarted the darn thing 5 times and it must be finished by September 6.  Will I finish in time?  Who knows?  I restarted for the final time last night while watching Rockstar Supernova.  The problem I’m having with it is small holes when I short row.  I checked the site for corrections to the pattern and there were none.  Must be operator error of some kind.  But I am determined to move along — I may just end up weaving in some yarn to close the gaps.  Any suggestions?


Thinking about lace

I have never done much lace knitting.  My first attempt was the Branching Out scarf (free pattern at Knitty).  I used the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in the denim blue colorway.  I enjoyed making the scarf — but it was light worsted weight on size 8 needles — great for beginners.  I left the scarf at my LYS for blocking and will pick it up tomorrow.  And I may also pick up another skein of the Silky Wool for another Branching Out.

Since making this scarf, I have been thinking of other lace projects — the FlowerBasket Shawl, the Trellis scarf — another easy peasy lace scarf pattern.  I bought several skeins of laceweight yarn from KnitPicks — two skeins in an Iris colorway and one called Turqoise Splendor.  My mother’s favorite color is turquoise and I think she deserves a lace scarf for the holidays.

I have several projects on the needles at the moment, but I am thinking that I need to cast on a lace project this weekend.

I will try to get a photo up next week of the Branching Out scarf.

My clothes dryer gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago.  I had someone look at it and it seems the motor went out.  So DD and I will be dryer shopping this weekend.

My eldest DD is in the Army and currently in Kentucky at Fort Campbell.  She is transferring to Fort Riley here in Kansas at the end of this month.  She has a 5 month old baby — Ryan — and my younger DD and I will be taking care of him for a couple of months while she gets situated and her unit is going to the field for a month and doing some other training.  She says they will be deploying to the Middle East in a year.  I would like to think that the whole situation over there will be resolved by then — but that is probably over optimistic —

I tried to knit and watch The Interpreter last night, but our new DSL equipment came and in connecting everything, my DD found out the ethernet card in our CPU was bad, so we had to unhook everything and go out to my brother’s house.  He is a microsoft engineer and has spare parts laying around — he put a new ethernet card in it and we are good to go — Not that I can ever use the computer myself.  You know how teenagers are — LOL.

Photo and FO Day

My DD and I bought a new digital camera over the weekend, and so I am now able to post photos!  Bear with me — we are learning how to use the thing and hopefully the quality will improve over time.


This is the finished Multicolor Rib Scarf.  It is VERY long — and I think the intended recipient will love it.  His 16th birthday is coming up on August 22nd.


This is a pair of Waffle Socks I also recently finished.  I used Brown Sheep Wildfoote in the colorway Sunflower — very much a Kansas theme! 

Weekend recap — Thoroughly Modern Millie was excellent on Friday night.

DD and I had lunch at Byblos, our favorite family owned Lebanese restaurant Saturday.  We shared an order of hummus and I had a kafta sandwich while DD had kibbi nayeh.  I can’t eat that, but she loves it.  Did some shopping and cleaning.  I went over to my LYS and left my Branching Out scarf to be blocked.  One of these days I will learn to do that myself.  Space is an issue with all of DD’s art stuff everywhere!  I bought four skeins of a lovely alpaca boucle — two in a chocolate brown and the other two a khaki colorway for a gift scarf.  I also purchased two skeins of khaki colored alapaca to pair with a chestnut brown Lang Jawoll to make a striped baby cardigan. 

Sunday we went to El Paisa after church and ate tortas.  Then on to the library and to take photos for my entry in the Knitty 2007 Calendar Contest.  The deadline is August 15.  If you are interested, check out the details at

And now it is back to work for the week.  My lunchtime knitting is the Devan sweater.  I will try to get a photo up of my progress on it later this week.


Counting down the hours until the work week is over!  This evening is the last Music Theater performance for the summer.  My DD has agreed to attend with me.  We are seeing Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Every show I have seen this summer has been very good, so I’m sure this one will be as well.

I have finished several BallBand dishcloths in the past week.  I am on the last section of the multicolor rib scarf and should be done with it over the weekend.  I have a dvd of Rent to watch, so it should be easy to finish the scarf.  I started the back of the Devan sweater, which is my lunchtime knitting project, but I got too involved in reading this week to knit much.

I finished Terrorist by John Updike and a book by Yasmina Khadra called The Attack.  Both were interesting reads, but I preferred The Attack.  The Attack is set in Israel and is about a surgeon of Arab origin who is an Israeli citizen who finds out that his wife was a suicide bomber.   

My DD did not get the law firm job she applied for, but she did get a job at a local Christian book and gift store.  I think she will enjoy working there. 

Last night I had a three hour praise team practice.  I was pretty tired when I got home.  So many people are on vacation or gone for the summer — so I am playing bass for two services this Sunday.  But I need the experience — need to get better at those walking bass lines!

I did get my yard work done last Saturday — and used muscles I had forgotten about — I was moving a bit slowly the next couple of days.  It took me three hours to get it all done.  Then I came inside and cleaned the basement utility room — or should I say cleared — my DD came home from Colorado and asked where all the stuff was!

My tomatoes are lovely!  The green beans are finished.  The other evening I made cheese tortellini pasta with sage butter sauce — using fresh sage from my herb garden.  Heavenly!  One of the ladies from the office had an abundance of butternut squash — I chose one from the bag and I think I may roast it with olive oil and fresh sage.  I made a salad this week of fresh mozzarella, oregano leaves, basil leaves, slices of homegrown tomatoes and drizzled olive oil over it.  I need to start picking herbs and getting them ready to freeze.