Monthly Archives: July 2006


I am feeling anxious today.  My DD had an interview at a law firm yesterday for an office services job — and is waiting to hear back today.  It would be a perfect job while she is in college.

I have had little knitting time lately — I hope to remedy that over the weekend — although my yard is desperately calling to me for attention.  My plan is to get out in the yard early Saturday morning.  I need to weed, cut back iris, hoe the herb and vegetable areas, pick basil, and cut back the thornless blackberry bush. My green beans are finished — the 100+ temps last week did them in.  But we had several batches for dinners — there’s nothing like fresh from the garden veggies!  I picked two large tomatoes.  We had bacon and tomato sandwiches last night and I am finishing off one tomato today at lunch with some cottage cheese.  I will use the other for pasta — I like to cook pasta and add in fresh chopped tomato, pesto, and fresh mushrooms.  Yum!

I downloaded the State Fair booklet and entry forms this morning.  I am thinking of entering this year — after a hiatus of two years.  I have a Diamond Seed Stitch Baby Jacket from Interweave Knits, a Branching Out scarf, and a pair of Embossed Leaves socks that would be good entries.

DD leaves early tomorrow morning with a group from church to attend the Desperation Conference at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.  I went last summer as a youth sponsor and it is an awesome experience. 

The band is leading worship Saturday evening over at Aldersgate UMC — we have been doing this once a month — it is good experience.  And then we are leading worship at Asbury for the 9:15 service and then I am also playing bass with the praise team for the 10:45 service.  Double duty this weekend — but I love it.

I just finished reading Intuition by Allegra Goodman and found it to be excellent.  I am currently reading two books — Cure for a Common Life by Max Lucado and Terrorist by John Updike.  I try to read something spiritual at the same time I am reading other things.

On the knitting front, I hope to finish a couple of BallBand Dishcloths this weekend that I need for gifts and I should get the multicolor rib scarf done — the young man’s birthday is coming up on August 22.  It would be nice to have it finished — I only have 3 more 8 inch stripes to do.  And I need to get back to the Devan baby sweater.



Today is our third day in a row of 106+ temps.  I am ready for it to end!  I watered last night around 9 p.m., but it still felt like it was 90 some degrees outside.  I fear that my tomatoes will burn up —

Last night was the elimination show of Rockstar Supernova.  Is anyone else watching it?  I am not a “reality” show fan, but last summer I found myself hooked on Rockstar INXS and so I am watching this summer’s show.  I don’t imagine that Supernova will choose one of the women to front them, but if they did, I could see Dilana or Storm filling that spot.

My daughter had a tee shirt she wanted me to add sequins and seed beads to, so I worked on that while watching tv.  I planned to knit on the multicolor rib scarf when I finished the shirt, but didn’t get to it.

Tonight is praise team practice.  In addition to Sarah’s Sisters, I play on the praise team for one of the services at my church.

Greetings from the Land of OZ

This is my first foray into the world of blogging.  Bear with me — I’m a quick learner.

I am both a knitter and musician along with the many other hats I wear.  I played string bass for many years and stopped playing 19 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.  I now play electric bass in a praise and worship band with other old mature women.  We call ourselves Sarah’s Sisters.  I will try to upload a photo later.  If you are interested, you can check out our page at

My current knitting projects are:  a multicolor rib scarf for a young man at my church, a dishcloth for a swap, and I am knitting the Devan sweater from Knitty for the baby of a friend.